At the core of Experiment with Light practice is a guided meditation that can be practised in a group or on your own. Different versions of Light meditations are available, catering for different tastes and different kinds of focus. They all share the same process. The suggested timings for the length of silence between each prompt of the meditations are 5, 6, 7, 7, 6, 5 minutes. The pauses could be longer than this if you wish, or a minute or two shorter if needed.

There is a wide choice of meditations that you can access either on this page or from our Android or Apple apps.

App Version

Android and Apple apps with every meditation listed below. Once installed the app works without internet access. Works on phones and tablets. Free!

You can also download the recordings from the links below:

Meditation on the individual (modern language)

A meditation with very detailed instructions that are particularly useful for newcomers to Experiment with Light.

Meditation on the individual (using George Fox’s words)

A meditation that uses selected quotes from George Fox (1624-1691), one of the founders of Quakerism.

Meditation on the individual (MOWS version)

A meditation whose name derives from the first letters of its principal steps: Mind the Light – Open your heart to the Truth – Wait in the Light – Submit to the Truth

Meditation on the world

Similar to the Meditation on the individual (modern language), but placing the focus on the state of the world and how to respond to it rather than focusing on what is going on in one’s own life

CD Version

CD1: Meditation on the individual (modern language)

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