Further Resources

Introductory booklet


  • Rex Ambler, God, Words, and Experiment with Light,┬áMarch 2018
    Presented at the Experiment with Light conference at Glenthorne; 66 minutes (mp3 recording)
  • Catherine King Ambler, Spirit led Eldership, May 2011
    Presented at ‘The Future of Experiment with Light’ conference at Glenthorne; 58 minutes (mp3 recording)
  • Rex Ambler, Early Friends and the Light, February 1998
    Presented at the Experiment with Light introductory workshop at Charney Manor; 76 minutes (mp3 recording)


  • Rex Ambler, Light to live by, 2nd edition 2009
  • John Lampen, Seeing, Hearing, Knowing, 2008
  • Klaus Huber, Mind the Light, 2018
  • Rex Ambler, Truth of the Heart, 2nd edition 2007

All books are available from the Quaker Centre Bookshop, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ; phone 020 7663 1030 or 020 7663 1031; email quakercentre@quaker.org.uk ; website bookshop.quaker.org.uk